Unwrapping the CADR, Part 3

After disconnecting things at the IO bulkhead, the machine started looking a lot more manageable. Here's the Mighty-Mite power supply:


Looks pretty decent for how bad everything around it was! We'll pull it and check it out after these cables are soaking.

More Mess

Up top at the bus box, here's some rust and crud that worked loose and became trapped between the layers of plastic.

Less Cables

As we pulled more and more cables out the mess started turning into something manageable as well.

Disk Connection

Here's the disk drive connection. We have no chance of finding a T-300 and even less chance of powering up such a thing, so we'll have to emulate it.

Less cables means less mess this time:

Bathtub Gore

Bathtub Gore Redux

And finally we hang the cables up to dry! (Please excuse my mess; As you can understand, a lot of stuff has been moved around and nothing is where it's supposed to be...)

Drying Cables

Drying Power Cables

Now while those dry, let's go check out that power supply...