Mighty-Mite power-up!

The Mighty-Mite is the CADR's power supply. A similar supply was used in the KS10, but with a different configuration. This one outputs 10 amps of 12V and a whopping 162 amps (total) of 5V; 150 amps on one connection and 12 amps on another. Here's the business end:

Business end of the Mighty-Mite

Looks almost new considering what was around it! I went about disconnecting it, taking pictures of each wire I lifted and where it went to so I can be sure to get them back in the right places when reinstalling it. Here's one from that process:

5V cable

The 5V lines have text on them saying "ARC WELDING CABLE". I don't doubt it! The idea of initial power-up kinda gives me the willies, especially since I can't unplug the CPU when I do it. In any event, nothing measures as a dead short, so fingers crossed.

Here's the bottom of the Mighty-Mite. This is the worst-looking side.

Bottom of the Mighty-Mite

Here's the top. Someone asked how big it was, so there's a tape measure to illustrate. It's heavier than it is big; Seems like half the internal volume consists of heat sink.

Top of the Mighty-Mite

Tested to ensure no voltage on the outputs or input (you never know...), then pulled the lid to have a peek inside.

Inside the Mighty-Mite

Looks almost new! Even the PCB was clean!

PCB side of the Mighty-Mite

All the caps tested OK, showed charge and discharge from my (super cheapo) meter. I don't have a proper cap tester, so it's probably incompetent and/or stupid to test this way, but it's worked for me so far.

Applied 120V for a few seconds, shut it off, checked to ensure bleeders were working, fan spins, and no smoke or hot smell, then let it run for long enough to check the outputs - All measured within 0.01V of spec. Even the fan sounded new! This makes me feel a lot better about the possibility of the Lambda power supplies being usable.

Next up: More CADR cleaning and inspection!