Lambda Power Supply Gymnastics, Part 1

The Lambda has two power supplies, one for 5V and one for 12V. These are on a sled with the processor fans, which can be removed as a single unit for maintenance. Removing the sled was a chore due to the heavy weight of the 5V supply, but I got it out without hurting myself.

PSU Sled

This is Lambda 2, the less rusty one. That PDU sure doesn't look good though...

PDU corrosion

All the connectors on the PSUs were rusted as well...

12V rust

5V rust

The 5V supply is far harder to replace than the 12V supply so I pulled it first. It alone is bigger than the Mighty-Mite.


Maybe it'll be cleaner on the inside, like the Mighty-Mite?

5V PSU damage

It's not. The fan has somehow crashed into the heat sink in front of it and became seized. The main board at the bottom has a lot of corrosion and broken components...

5V PSU damage

This one's not coming back. Replacing it is far safer than trying to repair it. I'll pull the good bits from it and use it as spares for the other 5V PSU.

Next we see if the 12V supply is in similar shape...