Signs of life from the Lambda!

The power supply sled was reassembled for installation in the rack. I made a video of this, but it got shot sideways because I forgot to turn off the rotation lock on my phone and youtube can no longer rotate videos on its own. Eventually I figured out how to rotate it without making a mess. (I am bad at youtube.)

I ended up swiping a fan from the other Lambda to get all six fans running, then re-racked the power supply. With this done, it was time to power up! All cards were removed except the SDU, and the machine was powered on. No smoke! But no output either! After some time permuting serial configuration, adapters, and cords, I found that the SDU wanted the REMOTE connection used rather than LOCAL as the documentation would imply. I was then greeted with this:

SDU banner

It's alive! And Version 102! Version numbers above 100 were supposedly internal to LMI and not released. I'll have to get a dump of this...


The run light! The other lights were lit at first, but the SDU wrote a valid CMOS on its own (which the released firmwares couldn't do without an installation tape!) so the setup and attn lights went out.

The Card Cage

This machine didn't have a disk controller, and experimentation determined it was necessary to SDU operation even if there were no disks attached to it, so I swiped the one from the other machine.

I shot a youtube video of the initial power-on but I screwed it up (I told you I suck at youtube) so I had to reshoot it. Here's the SDU doing its thing:

Next up, attempting to get a disk drive working. It didn't work out...



Submitted byalazar on Sun, 09/30/2018 - 14:40

Whoa! I've been up in the mountains for the last three days, without Internet access, and I come back home and I find this!

Congratulations, man! It's an amazing first step and a wonderful thing you're doing!