There are two cats you may see in progress pictures. Both of the cats were rescued strays.


Aeris with the AWA bear.

Aeris is my cat. She was dumped out in the cornfields, where she hitched a ride in the undercarriage of a HVAC worker's truck when he stopped for a service call. A few miles down the highway later he stopped to see what the odd noise he was hearing was and realized it was a kitten crying; She was on top of the front transfer case, and the heat of the engine had curled her whiskers. Nobody at the HVAC shop wanted a new kitten, so she was left to wander the industrial park and there she found me. She immediately started acting like she owned the place when brought home (much to the irritation of the two existing cats I had then), so she was named "Aeris The Cat", which sounds like "Aristocrat" when said aloud.


Picture of Luna on top of a Lambda

Luna is my sister's kitten. Our mother saw her running in the road during the night, and we went back to investigate. A stray cat had delivered a litter in someone's garage; The owners adopted the stray but couldn't keep all her kittens, so they rehomed as many as they could. Luna was the last one left; Nobody else wanted her because she had an umbilical hernia. She didn't seem to care about it so she came home with us. She spends most of her time inside with my sister but when the house is empty she comes out to the lab to visit me and annoy Aeris. Since she was found on a the night of a new moon, she was named Luna.