Lisp Machinery - Privacy Policy

Part 1: Introduction

In order to operate and provide the Web Site (meaning the website "", its static data, and other publicly-accessible areas), the Administration must collect certain information about our users. This document explains what information we collect and how we use it.

The Administration does not gather, use, sell, rent, or distribute any user or business information for the purpose of advertising. We wish everyone else would behave the same way.

Part 2: Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

In order to use the Web Site in any manner, you must accept the Privacy Policy. You may not use the Web Site in any way without accepting the Privacy Policy.

Any use of the Web Site in any manner constitutes acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

You cannot escape the Privacy Policy. It knows where you sleep at night (but it won't tell us. Jerk.)

Part 3: What We Collect and How We Collect It

Subpart 3A: Information you Give Us

We don't collect anything beyond your user profile. We really don't care what else you do on your own time as long as we don't find out about it.

Subpart 3D: Information your Device Gives Us

Whenever your Device (the thing you use to access the Web Site - Your computer, phone, tablet, etc) communicates with the Web Site it must send its Internet address and a request header. The request header indicates what functions or resources are desired by the user, and includes details of the type of device and software in use. The request header may also include uniquely identifying information such as device ID numbers. We also know the time and date of each access. Provided we bother to find it in the log, anyway.

Part 4: How We Use Your Information

We use your information to verify it really is you who posts all those awful comments on other peoples' blogs and enable you to read and respond to other peoples' awful comments.

No personal information is disclosed to the public in the normal operation of the Web Site, nor is any such public disclosure anticipated in the future.

If we find your name humorous, we may make fun of it behind your back.

Subpart 4C: Device and Usage Information

The time and date of each access, along with the Internet address and User-Agent information from the request header described above, is stored in our system access logs. These logs are not used in the normal operation of the Web Site and are regularly deleted, but they are used to produce reports which help establish to us who is using the Web Site and how they are using it.

The Web Site also uses the Google Analytics™ platform to produce additional data on the usage of the Web Site and Service. This involves your Device contacting Google each time it accesses the Web Site, resulting in Google being given the information described in this subpart. We do not control what information Google may keep as a result. Your Device may be configured to block this at your option. Properly implemented, such blocking should not negatively impact the performance or capability of the Web Site.

The reports described above are used for the maintenance and operation of the Web Site and System and are not disclosed to any third parties.

Subpart 4D: Other External Disclosures

In practice, we do not sell, rent, or distribute any user information in any form to any third party.

In the event we receive a valid and legally enforceable warrant, subpoena, court order, or other judicial or administrative order compelling us to release information in our possession, we are required by law to comply. If we feel the particular request is legally invalid or an abuse of the legal system we will do our best to fight it, but we do not guarantee our success. If not prohibited from doing so by the conditions of the request we will attempt to notify you as soon as practical with as much detail as we can regarding the request.

Part 5: How We Protect Your Information

We take measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We use a variety of physical and technical measures and policies to protect our systems and your information. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as perfect security, so we cannot guarantee our security measures cannot be circumvented.

In the event of such an unauthorized access, use, or disclosure, we will determine the extent of the event and notify the parties affected as soon as practical.

Part 6: Removing Your Information From Our System

You may delete your account at any time. It won't delete your comments. This is to provide an incentive for you to make them good. Besides, Google has indexed them by now anyway, and everyone else has already read them, so it won't change anything.

Part 7: Other Important Information

It may become necessary for us to revise this document from time to time. In the event of such revision we will place a notice on the home page of the Web Site so you can inspect the new changes. Such notice will be placed at least 30 calendar days before the changes are to take effect. Use of the Web Site after the changes have taken effect constitutes acceptance of the changes.

If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding this Privacy Policy, you may attempt to contact us. Leave a comment on the most recent blog post and we'll get back to you. Or not. We'll see.

Document Identification

This is Privacy Policy Revision 1, dated September 16th 2018.