Lisp Machinery - Terms of Service

Part 1: The Rules

  1. Don't be Sefam.
  2. Anything which annoys The Administration or that causes people to whine at The Administration is discouraged.
  3. Unless it's funny enough to justify ignoring the whining.
  4. The Administration gets to decide what is and is not funny.
  5. Anything that will cause Linode, any legal counsel, or anyone's law enforcement to contact me about you is forbidden.

Part 2: Moderation Rationale

These rules are minimal because we are all persons of reasonable upbringing and education and therefore should be able to behave ourselves to a mutually tolerable standard (yes, really; stop making that face). Pointing out that there is no rule against X and claiming that this obligates me to permit it is extremely unfunny and annoying. (NB: Nobody likes a smartass.)

These rules are loosely enforced because I am supremely lazy. If you violate them you will be asked to stop, unless the violation is so flagrant immediate removal is warranted and/or rehabilitation is deemed unlikely.

Other users will probably make you aware that your behavior is undesirable. Ignoring problems simply leads to them growing. Being told you're doing something undesirable is not a personal attack; it is feedback. We're not trying to attack you, we're trying to help you more effectively coexist with the rest of us. We're here to mutually enjoy one anothers' company, and annoying/unfunny behavior is not enjoyable.

If you cannot coexist with the rest of us, it's best for everyone involved if you go somewhere else. I can decide to remove anyone I wish at any time for any reason (Life's not fair, deal with it) but it's much more likely I'll just let the rest of the users harass and abuse you until you leave, because that's less work and more fun. All of that said, abuse for abuse's sake is unfunny and annoying, so don't do that. (NB: Nobody likes an edgelord. Take that shit somewheres else.)

It should be obvious and not need to be pointed out that requiring repeated moderator action is annoying and unfunny and will get you removed, yet here we are.